Testimonials and success stories

Randon Cupp

Randon Cupp
Market President


'I have been in my industry for 25+ years climbing the corporate ladder along the way. The coaching sessions with Jim over several months proved to be 10X more powerful than all the years combined previously. So much of executive leadership is deliberate - Jim offers the steps to success with constant re-enforcement to develop the skills needed to succeed at the highest level. Jim can discover the best environment for his clients to learn, he takes the time to gain an understanding of their needs, including best opportunities. He uses his experience to show the "why's and how's."

Jim and I met when my company contracted him to coach executives through our transformation to a high producing organization.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the sessions and figured we would talk about decisions I was to make, talent among the team, strategic planning, among other business-related subjects.  To my delight, Jim's main focus was on my experience at the workplace and the experience that others have when interacting with me.

Jim brings an incredible amount of wisdom to the table and applies it to help you uncover blind spots, recognize the importance of rhythm and timing, and see yourself from another's point of view.  The ideas that he shared with me continue to impact my career path and I suspect they will for years to come.

Rebekah Singh
Market President

Sandra Sellani
Vice President of Marketing

Jim is a remarkable coach with systems and methodologies that turn executive into leaders.  Jim's proprietary processes result in quick and accurate profiles of each individual's skills and aptitude.  He meticulously guides his clients through every step of his process from initial contact through successful completion of the objectives.

His follow-through is impeccable; his integrity, unmistakable.  When you speak with Jim he makes you feel as if you were the most important person in the world.  His ability to engage others in a genuine and caring way is the hallmark of his work and undoubtedly a powerful factor in his success.