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Succession Planning
A Succession Plan is critical for long-term success,
Executive ​​​​​​​morale and Executive retention!

Where are the future CEO's?
Ensuring your legacy!

The current economic expansion is creating some very critical needs in future leadership.  The bench is not very deep with capable executives ready to step into CEO or even Senior Executive roles.  This condition coupled with the high percentage of CEO's who will be retiring in the next few years is placing a huge demand upon creating a dynamic Succession Planning process.

  1. What benefit would it be to have members of your Executive Team move to their next level of professionalism and leadership?
  2. Are they ready to be the type of leader who moves effectively in a vastly changing world?
  3. How do you "tap" into the full potential of your leaders?
  4. Regardless of titles, is your Leadership Team significantly moving from Achievement mode to Strategic initiatives?
  5. How do you coach your leaders to become Innovative while developing a Compelling Presence?
  6. Are you leaving the future of your organization up to chance in believing that your leaders can be flexible and adjust to make a big success?

High demands in today's work culture is presenting challenges that even current CEO's have not faced in their careers.

The time is NOW to address a holistic approach to Succession Planning that will reward all those engaged today and tomorrow!

Your future awaits....

Succession Planning does not just "happen" - it is a Plan!
Executive Leadership Institute Inc. brings a depth of experience from Executive  Coaching and Executive Recruitment combined with years of financial services experience to guide you through the process.

One of our clients in Succession Planning recently moved from EVP/COO of a $2B organization to be President & CEO of a $3.4 billion company. 

Let's talk specifics. 
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Why Executive Leadership Institute Inc.?

​​​​​​​The combination of using an Executive Recruiter who is a seasoned Executive Coach to CEO's and Executive teams is what sets Dr. Jim Rives apart from the competition.  Jim continues to seek out the latest research on leadership, leadership agility and an understanding of dynamic cultures and markets.

CEO's say that they retain Jim for these primary reasons:
  1. Surface the deeper offers of executives opening up the concept of Innovation and Possibilities.
  2. Brings an understanding of the deeper elements of human interaction and the critical behaviors, mindsets, attitudes along with experience and competencies to generate a winning combination.
  3. Clarity: CEO's state that his ability to bring clarity to the process and how it interacts with the culture and potential of the organization are superb.
  4. Winning Track Record:  The ability to discern the current and future needs of the market and the organization and match this with potential leaders for the organization is why CEO's seek him out year after year.
  5. The continued depth of his learning hones his insights and skills to bring understandings much deeper than other coaches bother to consider

And over 40 years leadership experience
Dr. Jim Rives
Executive Coach

​​​​​​Jim enjoys a depth of leadership experience from 9 years with a major national bank, CEO of several corporations, community and municipality leadership experience as well as served on the Board of Trustees for a Graduate School. 

He has worked with major banks and credit unions across the  US along with community organizations as an Executive Coach/Recruiter.  He formed Executive Leadership Institute Inc. over 10 years ago to bring a deeper understanding of leadership development in a world who is rapidly losing mentors.  The warmth of his care and concern is quickly felt allowing him to gain a deeper rapport and trust.

His passion is bring clarity and freedom to make wise choices that better the lives of both the executive and the organization they serve.

Coaching is one individual at a time to surface their individual uniqueness, strengths, passion and impact.  He believes each individual has more to offer and only needs help and insights to embrace a future with more possibilities.
Latest Leadership Research
A number of research studies have been conducted in recent year generating some very interesting insights into leadership impact.  Leadership Agility, Leadership Presence and Extraordinary Leader are three areas of certification that provide added depth of understanding leadership competencies, behaviors, presence, mindsets and attitudes.
Latest Leadership Assessments
  • The Attribute Assessment — Measures an individual’s thinking and decision-making preferences.
  • The DISC Assessment — Measures an individual’s preferred behavioral style.
  • The Values Assessment — Measures an individual’s preferred motivational style and drivers.
Holistic Approach
Leadership development has too often focused on the mind or behaviors.  The integration of body, mind and spirit brings a broader and deeper depth to understand an individual's true offer in sync with their purpose.

Dr. Jim is a Certified Leadership Coach of the Strozzi Institute somatic coaching.
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DAVID SWEIDERK went through Jim's Succession Planning coaching when he was the EVP/COO for a $2 billion credit  union.  Today David is the President & CEO for a $3.4 billion credit union. In this video he shares his recommendation for Succession Planning and Executive Coaching with Dr. Jim Rives. 

Other references upon request
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Considerations for an Excellent 
Succession Planning Process

Clear Vision for the Organization
The marketplace is changing rapidly and the Board of Directors and/or CEO must consider the future direction and needs for long-term success and sustainability of the company.

Professional Development
New leaders must embrace the transition from "Command and Control" leadership style to a more Collaborative and inspiring style.  

What leadership competencies, emotional quotients, behaviors, and leadership presence are specifically needed in each role to assure a smooth transition and success?
Determine Critical Positions
Every role is important, but those critical to sustainability and continued forward momentum must be identified.  What are the current and future competencies, mindsets, education, experience and traits to fulfill the demands of the role at a high level of success?

Create Emergency Plan
Planning for a retirement and similar events are something that can be planned ahead to fill.  However, there are emergency conditions when a leader in a critical position suddenly leaves for any number of reasons.  The plan needs to specifically provide for how the role will be filled in these type emergencies.
Identify Talent
Does internal talent provide sufficient depth to progress to their next level?  If not, what development, experience, etc. is required for each one to be ready.  

If internal talent is not available or cannot be developed within a realistic time, how will this need be address:
Executive Retention
Succession Planning is an investment in both time and funds.  It is not a one time effort that is quickly left on a chart in someone's desk.

The reality is that Succession Planning can actually result in development talent for another organization!

Consider a variety of ways to retain talent in both critical and other roles.  It is much more than a high compensation program and needs to include embracing the motivations and passions that are important to the executive for their fulfillment as well as success.
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In their book "Leadership Agility," Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs share how 90% of those in ANY leadership role are either Subject Matter Experts and/or Achievers!

The leaders of tomorrow must master the remaining 3: Agility, Co-Creator and Synergist to be highly successful.  Our Executive Coaching Process focuses on developing these new master competencies along with leadership presence and other skills and mindsets.

You will be surprised at the level of excellence, the enrichments
and the value from working with Dr. Jim​​​​​​​

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