Many years ago I had the good fortune to read a book titled “The Secrets of Question Based Selling” by Tom Freese.  His approach more than intrigued me and became a cornerstone in how I began to relate to my world.  (I highly recommend the book and the principles that I am about to share as they apply to many situations.
A Leader is too often thought to be the one with all the answers.  Many leaders embrace this premise – perhaps subconsciously for many.  The idea manifests itself in the leader “thinking” they have to have all the answers.  This is comforting to them because it they can fill themselves up with facts, everyone has to come to them and thus they are ensured job security.   This could not be further from the truth.
The demands of today’s work environment are often very stressful.  When leaders are stressed or take on more than they should, they do not make the best choices.
At a recent leadership workshop for a national women’s organization, a participant asked me how they could better engage in the conversation when all the women around the table were top executives and had lots to offer.  My response was to move to the usage of asking questions toward the topic or item of consideration versus attempting to “tell” others her insights.
My suggestion is to consider moving to more questions which will enable the other person to “learn” as they share that they see and they you edit AND they will quickly learn that they must have an answer before they ask you.  Another valuable way to develop others and reduce the stress in the day of a leader.
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