IQ Is Limiting Your Potential

IQ Is Limiting Your Potential

Your intelligence is a wonder of science!  You have spent your whole life developing and maximizing it.  The challenge, and where it limits you, is when you think that your IQ is the most important gift you have to give and what has and will carry you to your career destiny.

If you are thinking this, you have created an enclosure that limits your effectiveness and impact.

The IQ (intelligence quotient) is only 1 of 3 elements created for your dynamic movement and impact on the world.  The other 2?

EQ - Emotional Quotient (Intelligence)

Q2 - Quantum Quotient (95% of your mind and your spirit)

Relationships are all about mastering the EQ.  My experience as an Executive Coach reveals that 90+% of executive leaders rate a 5 on a scale of 10 in this critical area of leadership.

Within Q2 lies the unbelievable power to maximize your body, mind and spirit.  In fact, when properly used, it creates new possibilities FROM the IQ and EQ.

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