Dr. Jim Rives
Executive Coach
Executive Recruiting
Surfacing and Selecting the Right Candidate
​​​​​​​is much more than just receiving a resume!

How do you surface and select the very best candidate?


The days of receiving a resume from an outside recruiter and hiring are gone - or they should be!

Executives are very busy today and the most likely candidate you are seeking is one who is NOT out seeking a new job.  They are satisfied in their current opportunity and only interested if you are able to tap into their deeper motivations and spirit.  A properly framed Job Posting is critical to capture these executives.

A main outcome of recruitment is extending your branding!

Finally, candidates need to be vetted by Executive Coaches to ensure they are a strong fit for now and in the future.  A well designed candidate packet along with a video interview with an Executive Coach provides much more insight and understanding of any candidate before you and your team engage in the process!
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Considerations for an Winning 
Executive Recruitment Process

Total Engagement
The Executive Recruiter must be totally engaged with your leadership team to understand exactly the needs and opportunities for the role.

​​​​​​​This will serve as a "standard" against which the recruiter will measure all potential candidates.

Leadership Assessments
based on RESEARCH
A great deal of research has been completed on what is effective leadership in these changing times.  There are some significant shifts that whoever does your recruiting needs to fully understand and incorporate into the search.

The inclusion of these critical elements can make all the difference in hiring an executive that has much more than an "appearance" but possesses the competencies, behaviors and traits to assure long-term success.
Surface the Real Needs and Opportunities
The work environment is a very busy place.  Day-to-day demands do not allow leaders to fully surface the needs, nor to perhaps fully understand the changing dynamics of the workplace.

The recruiter will help surface the deeper needs as well as the operational aspect of the role.
Enhance your Branding
​​​​​​​and Reputation in the Market
The Executive Recruitment process is an outstanding tool for you to build on your brand.  

The recruiter is a representative of your brand into the market with every contact they make with potential candidates.  

Sharing your story and vision are dynamics impacts that spread far beyond the job posting.
Compelling Job Posting
Often a job posting becomes an edited job description.  It lacks the compelling aspects of the opportunity and its potential.

The type of leaders you want are those are inspired and inspiring.  Capture the imagination of great potential candidates in your job posting!

Detailed Candidate Packet
​​​​​​​for Consideration
The results of the "vetting" done by the Executive Coach is the basis of a comprehensive Candidate Packet.  It contains an Executive Summary by the Executive Coach reflecting how the candidate matches the role.  Resume and revealing assessments are included.

Finally, the Executive Coach produces an Executive Interview video enabling you to have a look and feel of the candidate BEFORE you and your team engage in the process.
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Why Executive Leadership Institute Inc.?

​​​​​​​The combination of using an Executive Recruiter who is a seasoned Executive Coach to CEO's and Executive teams is what sets Dr. Jim Rives apart from the competition.  Jim continues to seek out the latest research on leadership, leadership agility and an understanding of dynamic cultures and markets.

CEO's say that they retain Jim for these primary reasons:
  1. Brings an understanding of the deeper elements of human interaction and the critical behaviors, mindsets, attitudes along with experience and competencies to generate a winning combination.
  2. Clarity: CEO's state that his ability to bring clarity to the process and how it interacts with the culture and potential of the organization are superb.
  3. Winning Track Record:  The ability to discern the current and future needs of the market and the organization and match this with potential leaders for the organization is why CEO's seek him out year after year.
  4. The continued depth of his learning hones his insights and skills to bring understandings much deeper than other coaches bother to consider

And over 40 years leadership experience

Dr. Jim Rives
Executive Coach

​​​​​​Jim enjoys a depth of leadership experience from 9 years with a major national bank, CEO of several corporations, community and municipality leadership experience as well as served on the Board of Trustees for a Graduate School. 

He has worked with major banks and credit unions across the  US along with community organizations as an Executive Coach/Recruiter.  He formed Executive Leadership Institute Inc. over 10 years ago to bring a deeper understanding of leadership development in a world who is rapidly losing mentors.  The warmth of his care and concern is quickly felt allowing him to gain a deeper rapport and trust.

His passion is bring clarity and freedom to make wise choices that better the lives of both the executive and the organization they serve.

Executive Coaching and Executive Recruiting are one individual at a time to surface their individual uniqueness, strengths, passion and impact.  He believes each individual has more to offer and only needs help and insights to embrace a future with more possibilities.
You will be surprised at the level of excellence, the enrichments
and the value from working with Dr. Jim​​​​​​​

Give Jim at a call at 602 826-1238 or send him an email today
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