Change is inevitable no matter who is President.  Over the last few years we have seen a phenomenal change to business models and what used to be the norms for doing business.  It is safe to state that these changes will continue.
While we may have some influence over what changes impact our organization the fact is that whatever the change we must have the right leadership team and they must be prepared to move successfully in the new economy.
No longer can leaders just show up and hope to manage whatever is thrown at them and be successful.  Today’s leaders require masteries in a number of leadership competencies combined with a compelling leadership presence.  These masteries are grouped into 5 major areas with 4 competencies in each area:
Managing Change:
–  Initiating Activity
–  Taking Risks
–  Creating & Innovating
–  Adapting to Change
–   Planning & Organizing:
–  Analyzing & Interpreting
–  Making Decisions
–  Planning & Prioritizing
–  Monitoring Quality
Interpersonal Skills:
–  Communicating
–  Listening & Supporting
–  Relating & Networking
–  Teamworking
Results Orientation:
–  Achieving Goals
–  Meeting Customer Needs
–  Focusing on the Business
–  Learning & Developing
–  Persuading & Influencing
–  Motivating & Empowering
–  Coaching Others
–  Coping with Pressure
The above competencies are critical and essential to moving successfully in the New Economy.
ExLI offers an online Leadership Potential Indicator Report that surfaces the level of masteries in these leadership skills.  In addition, the report also reflects how well an executive moves in the 4 functions of Leadership:
Developing the Vision
Sharing the Goals
Gaining Support
Delivering Success
Finally, the Report utilizes the work of Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” and provides understanding of which level the executive has mastered from Level 1 through Level 5 (Level 5 being the highest).  Jim Collins research team found that Level 5 leaders are better equipped for sustaining success over the long term. More information and a SAMPLE Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) report by clicking the button below.