Leaders are exposed to tremendous amounts of information and situations every day.  One critical challenge is to be able to have the capacity to effectively relate to the numerous items that require wise decisions.   The downside is being stressed, feeling overwhelmed, or losing feeling and becoming numb or insensitive.
Leadership must have an available level of capacity to move effectively.  This need is in direct converse to the human phenomenon to keep us full of facts, beliefs, opinions and perceptions.   This condition is subtle and closes in on us robbing us of the capability to interact and think clearly.
How does one increase their capacity?
Increased capacity comes from either letting something go or developing a new practice to broaden our offer.
Letting something go:
–       Past experiences shape the way we see the world, including how big the potential of our offer is and what we can achieve.  These experiences take on story lines and we can play them over and over in our minds until they become accepted truth – whether they are or continue to be true.  Surfacing these shaping stories to call them into the light of reality and re-shape them to build capacity is key.
–       Our belief system significantly impacts our capacity.  I recall my lessons in history when it was thought that the earth was flat and if one travelled too far they would literally drop off the end of the earth.  Once this proved to not be true and was accepted, the capacity was increased to venture into new discoveries.  There are similar beliefs that can hinder increasing our capacity that need to be challenged and either confirmed or transition to new beliefs.
–       A simple statement made by a family member or a fellow student too often set a limitation in motion for leaders that goes with them as they progress in leadership.  These are so long-standing that they have moved into the subconscious and negatively impact our capacity without our realization.  This work requires the work of a skilled mentor or coach to process through to new self-images.
Developing a new practice to broaden our offer:
–       Enhancing management skills reveals new practices of delegation, coordination and motivation to transition the demands of a role to others who can develop their own leadership skills.  The fact that others are assuming the demands frees capacity for a leader.
–       There are 20 leadership competencies that are accepted masteries that leaders need to fully perform a leaders role.  Leaders need to assess which competencies they have master and which ones can be further developed.  The enhanced masteries will thereby increase capacity.
–       Another area that can increase capacity for a leader can be found in their leadership presence.   The Level 5 leaders described by Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” create the environment that compels others to excel.  This type leader influences others without speaking by the way they are with others.  Science tells us that almost 90% of communication is non-verbal.  Mastery in this practice builds capacity to have the time and sensitivity to see trends and new opportunities to build more excellence.
These thoughts only touch the surface of building capacity for a leader.  This topic is seldom addressed in training or development for today’s leaders.  The return can be very significant for you and/or your team.
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