Everyone has good “intentions…” but it takes much more to be impactful!

Does anyone enter their day with “bad” intentions?  I have never met anyone who was determined at the start of their day to make it miserable for everyone.

But it takes much more than “good” intentions when it comes to interacting and influencing others.  Actually a person’s “brand” precedes their interactions and what now matters is the other person’s PERCEPTIONS that make the difference between others just doing what is expected or they are motivated to excel.

These perceptions are a critical part of what I call having a “Compelling Presence!”

The best way to obtain an objective view of how you are landing on others is to take the Leadership 360 Brand survey to confidentially obtain your brand/reputation.  The Leadership 360 Brand Survey was created for this very reason – and will provide valuable and critical insights into your strengths as well as areas that could use improvement.

Often I hear something like “don’t you think that with all the experience that I have I already know what I need to know?  My answer is that I have NEVER met any person of at any level of experience that did not have blind spots.  Blind spots are those areas (that influence others) that the person has little or no clue that they exists.  Without surfacing and addressing these, it will significantly weaken their short and long term success.

  • Surface Blind Spots that have been draining your effectiveness
  • Learn how to better interact with others to develop a Compelling Presence
  • Understand who you are – according to THEM!
  • Reduce stress as other become more motivated to carry the load
  • Enhance your confidence by affirming which of your strengths really makes a difference – and which ones you need to change!

Click on the button below to take the “Leadership 360 Brand Survey, receive a report providing insights into you according to others, and a link to a coaching video in how to best utilize your report.

Your future….up to you or continue to take whatever comes along?  We ALL need a coach!


Dr. Jim Rives
Executive Coach



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