“Enriching the lives of others!”

Jim enjoys a story that brings added depth to enable him to both relate and deeply understand others.  View the video on the home page to better understand his experience and passion behind his offer.
His first taste of leadership came when he was elected President of his high school Senior Class of 212.  On the the US Marine Corps where he quickly rose through the enlisted ranks and was offered the opportunity to attend Office Candidate School.
Instead Jim elected to leave the Marine Corps and joined Wells Fargo Bank in their formative days to become a major bank (read this story in Jim Collins book “Good to Great” where he shares the explosive growth and  impact of the bank.)  Jim was promoted on average of every 8 months during his 9 year tenure with the bank.
One of his responsibilities was over the Recruitment and Management Development for the IT Division of 1200 personnel.  In this role Jim co-developed the first Leadership Assessment for Wells Fargo Bank and likely for any bank in the US.  This was a choice insight in the foundation of his understanding others and working with leadership throughout his career.
Subsequent years found Jim purchasing his own company, serving on many boards for both profit and non-profit organizations.  Often the youngest member of the board but always selected to be on the Executive Committee.
Out of a calling to serve others, Jim became an ordained minister serving as Executive Associate Pastor for a large church in Los Angeles, CA.  Great things took place in this role – but also a breakdown!  Jim made some choices that lost not only his ministry but his marriage and family.
The search that followed was long overdue as Jim had been “searching” for years not realizing that just doing the best he could would be sufficient to take care of fulfillment and success in life.
For 8 years Jim stumbled from job to job – mostly small, low-paying jobs unable to find anyone who would take in one with such experience.
Jim married again and in short, was finally able to become an Executive Recruiter for a highly successful family firm serving the financial services industry.  Their only requirement was that Jim had to become certified as a Life & Leadership Coach.  He selected the Strozzi Institute – a choice that would soon become life-changing
 Although Jim had a passion for helping others and sacrificed a lot to do so, the reality was that he did not have the tools nor was he in the healthy place to serve others to their betterment.  The focus on the leadership coaching program was on self-development and not how to coach others. However, the insights, peace, mindsets, practices and realities learned in this program took Jim to a totally new place.  One that confirmed his spiritual beliefs, but with an entirely new perspective.
In addition to being an Executive Recruiter for senior executives with great success, Jim also wrote advise column for a Christian Dating Site with over 100,000 members.  His articles were well received and over 3,000 received direct advice from Jim during this time.
Another interesting thing was also taking place in his professional career as an Executive Recruiter and Executive Coach.  Soon CEO’s begin to seek out Jim to work with the CEO and/or their Executive Team.  Jim did not teach them how to become a better Subject Matter Expert – but to move from expertise/achievement to being a leader from the inside out.  Instead of just a focus on DOING, they learned how to be themselves and realize their full potential.
Interactions with others took on a different tone and meaning.
The benefits they shared with Jim:
  • Enjoying moving from a place of Purpose
  • Find more fulfillment and peace in life and offer
  • More effective teams and better results
  • A more compelling presence with others
  • Less stress through new practices, mindsets and ways of interacting with others
Jim’s passion has been to find a way to maximize what he has learned with as many others as he can.  Thus the creation of an online Life & Leadership Coaching offer was created.
A brief conversation with Jim will soon give an understanding that there is something different about his approach, his caring ways and insights to unlock a person’s full potential.
Life is not about doing but about being!
You would benefit greatly to embrace Jim and his teaching for your life and career!



  • Wells Fargo Bank for 9 years
  • Owner of Ben Hammond Insurance Agency  for 7 years(risk management for over 1,000 businesses and 1,000 homeowners and served on Board of Directors for Sacramento Independent Insurance Association
  • Executive Associate Pastor for church of 3,000
  • Founded Executive Leadership Institute in 2007 to enrich the lives of others so that they can live the life of their full potential and dreams
  • Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Strozzi Institute
  • Certified “Interpersonal Communication Profile” by The Forte’ Institute
  • Certified “Leadership Agility 360 Assessment” by Changewise.bz
  • Certified “Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment” by Zenger Folkman
  • US representative of www.MySkillsProfile.com
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration California Baptist University
  • Honorary Doctor of Divinity from California Theological Seminary in recognition of leadership roles in non-profit organizations



Dr. Jim Rives
800 571-7070