“Enriching the lives of others!”

Life is a story and I certainly have an interesting one!

Invite you to view the video of My Story that you can find listed on the home page at www.DrJimRives.com where I am very transparent about my life’s ups and downs.  That is the way life works right?  But it is in our stories that we find passion and purpose for how we can enrich the lives of others.

The first indication of purpose and leadership showed up when I was a senior in high school and my class elected me as Class President.  The next step of my life was 4 years active duty in the US marine Corps where I received several meritorious awards and promotions and was offered the opportunity to attend Office Candidate School.

Military life was a great foundation for me but I decided to pursue a civilian life.  Fortunately, I was hired by Wells Fargo Bank during the time of their explosive growth (Jim Collins book “Good to Great”) and I was promoted every 8 months during my 9-year tenure with the bank.  One item stands out that set the tone for my future that I did not realize at the time.  I was a co-founder of the first Leadership Assessment Center in the bank.  Little did I realize that I would be involved in surfacing and developing leadership talent the rest of my career!

After 9 years with the bank I left and purchased an independent insurance agency.  The following years found me active in both community, industry and church activities in many leadership roles.  One of these was serving on a graduate school board of Trustees where I was on the Executive Committee all 7 years of service.

I always felt the desire to help others!  Out of this passion he became a minister and served as an Executive Associate Pastor for a large church in Los Angeles, CA with over 3,000 members.  In this role he interacted with the Los Angeles City Council, State Legislature, and other community organizations.  He managed the securing of a new campus and relocation of the church to west San Fernando Valley.

My life and career had been extraordinary, especially a lost soul originally from West Texas.  However, I made a choice that destroyed my career and family for which I shall always be remorseful.  The search that followed last for years were challenging but served me well in discovering some deeper issues and conditioning that I was not aware were negatively limiting my life and desire to positively impact the world.

After about 8 years I met a wonderful woman and married after moving to Arizona.  My new job in High Tech fell away shortly after remarriage and once again I was stumbling from small job to small job with no purpose or plan but survival!

But I never gave up believing that something good and even great was in my future.  No idea how it would come about, but I believed!

After applying for many jobs, I was finally hired as an Executive Recruiter in the Financial Services Industry.  Their only requirement was that I become a certified Leadership Coach.  I had longed for such a role and now finally it had materialized.  I selected the Strozzi Institute and what took place was in every sense of the word life-changing.

One thing that I learned was that having the desire to help others is good – but not enough!  I needed first to discover ME  – the good and the limiting and deal with it.  I had to like me first before I could help others find their dreams and fulfillment.  The certification for Leadershi

The transformation that took place in my life after this 2 year certification program was beyond my wildest dreams.  What I discovered within me and found freedom and understanding in how to release my inner strength showed up positively in every area of my life.  I was promoted to President of my division at work and set records.  My wife found a new husband much more attentive and at peace.  Relationship began to multiply in every direction.

After a few years I decided to form my own company “Executive Leadership Institute Inc.” to carry this transformation and share it with others.  In the 10 years since that decision I have never solicited any clients as 100% of my new business came from the referrals of satisfied customers.

I was no longer “doing” life, I was “being” life in a freeing and envigorating way.

Now I find myself being sought out by CEO’s and senior executives to guide Subject Matter Experts to transition to real leaders.  They are steeped in their expertise in sales, marketing, HR, operations, etc. but have not mastered the art of relationship building.  Where do we focus?  On their life and how they can become free to tap the authentic and full potential trapped within.

I am most blessed in this work for I get to see executives who have been drained and stressed to the hilt transform into purpose driven individuals who know who they are and what they “get” to do and be.  The confirmation for me is when their spouse wants to meet me and thank me for the change in their spouse at home as well as on the job.

What are some of the benefits my clients share with me:

  • Enjoying moving from a place of Purpose

  • Find more fulfillment and peace in life and offer

  • More effective teams and better results

  • A more compelling presence with others

  • Less stress through new practices, mindsets and ways of interacting with others

There is a better way to live and be and I LOVE sharing it with others.

Contact me and let’s set up a time to talk about YOU and your future.  Wonder what we can unlock together?

Do not wait until life knocks you to your knees or you find yourself wondering if there is more?  There IS!



  • Wells Fargo Bank for 9 years

  • Owner of Ben Hammond Insurance Agency  for 7 years (risk management for over 1,000 businesses and 1,000 homeowners and served on Board of Directors for Sacramento Independent Insurance Association

  • Executive Associate Pastor for church of 3,000

  • Founded Executive Leadership Institute in 2007 to enrich the lives of others so that they can live the life of their full potential and dreams


  • Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Strozzi Institute

  • Certified “Interpersonal Communication Profile” by The Forte’ Institute

  • Certified “Leadership Agility 360 Assessment” by Changewise.bz

  • Certified “Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment” by Zenger Folkman

  • US representative of www.MySkillsProfile.com


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration California Baptist University

  • Honorary Doctor of Divinity from California Theological Seminary in recognition of leadership roles in non-profit organizations




Dr. Jim Rives
800 571-7070