5 areas where executives limit their future – Part 2 of 5

This next area of limitation happens so often that I can predict what will surface in the first meeting I have with a CEO who is interested in leadership development for his/her team.  “Jim, I would like for my leadership team to move beyond the daily tactical/operational minds and become more strategic thinking!”  The words may vary slightly but the core is almost 100%.

What are they talking about and is there a deeper request?

Most CEO’s would like to reveal that they want their leaders to move from being constantly doing busy work and step back and see a bigger picture.  They would become more proactive versus reactive in their choices and actions.

In candor, my mind often goes to “but that is the way they were trained!”

Senior leaders carry a lot of responsibility and near the top of the list (if not the top) is to over-perform.  Each year the goals become higher and the resources are more limited.  Since the focus is placed upon achievement, it is only natural that younger leaders become honed in on those competencies and mindsets that help achieve.

We have learned much from neuroscience and modern psychology about how the mind becomes hard-wired to think and act in a certain way.  What we now know if modern leadership development that the human mind becomes so wired to think, see and behave in certain “achieving” ways that it is impossible for that leader’s mind to see anything differently.  Yes, the leader is highly intelligent, but it is not intelligence that is the main contributor to change.  Change to thinking differently so that they see different things, have different understandings, and behave and make choices in new ways.

The fantastic news is that the mind can be changed (more accurately stated rewired) to surface new awareness and hidden insights and capacities of leaders so that they can move from operational mindsets to strategic mindsets.

Willpower, experience, and intelligence are not the keys to this change.

It takes place in learning how to listen to the subconscious part of the mind, move from a different inner peace, and build agility, capacity, innovation, and inspiration to become a Strategic Leader.

Sound interesting and curious about how?

I went through my transition from Achiever to Catalyst leader and my mission now is to share this transformational process with others.

Check out 3 of 5 blog tomorrow!

Dr. Jim