5 areas where executives limit their future

Executives often limit their future in five areas - starting with experience.

One of the more interesting realities in today’s complex world is that careers are not being limited by external conditions.  Executives limit their futures in 5 areas of their offer often without realizing it.  Over the next few blogs I will share each of these areas:

Frozen Learning
If I have heard it once I have heard it a hundred times from a senior executive. Something like “I have so much experience that I can respond to anything that comes up!”  The only thing about that statement is that it clearly illustrates that they are frozen in their career.   The result is often not being open to expending the effort to continue to learn and change. What happens is a gradual falling behind and not knowing it.

Think of your first day at work
Think with me for a moment back to your first day at work.  Likely it was several years ago, and you were excited and a little bit nervous about what to expect.  You were very grateful to have work and to begin to develop mastery.

You worked hard and others took notice. You began to climb up the corporate ladder.  Diligence and effort were your brand marked by achievement.  It served you well.  An interesting element taking place all these years is that you were eager to learn. You learned how to improve and be better at what you did.   The allowed you to move to the next level.

Notice your body and spirit
What you likely did not notice is what was happening to your body and spirit during these years.  It is like you were a firefighter or in the military and always had to be ready to respond instantly to whatever came up.  As a result you got good at that too and your confidence grew.

In those days you took pride that you were a quick learner and constantly surveying everything around you to keep improving and succeeding.

Continual learning was a constant factor in your upward mobility
If this in any way describes where you are now and see it as a “sign” that there is a lot of hope for you.  To realize this hope you must first admit that you are the one who needs the change and seek one who is experienced in helping leaders such as you get back into the real game.

You have more to impact the world!

Check out the next area in tomorrow's blog.

Dr. Jim

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