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"Natural" Limiters To Reaching Your Full Potential

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Your Potential
• You know you have more but not sure how to maximize it?
• Tired of chasing your career and never arriving at where you know you are worth?

• Have you lost the passion and want to get it back – and more?

​​​​​​• Ready to take control of your life and career and stop leaving it up to your boss, etc.?
​​​​​​• Are you really ready to step into the life you dreamed of and take a big step toward your full potential?

Dr. Jim Rives
Life & Leadership Coach
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"They did not teach me this in school!"
(Comment from an Executive reviewing Dr. Jim's coaching program)

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Video #2
"Natural" Limiters to Reaching Your Full Potential 
Video #3
Common practice that reduces your odds to make it to the Top 10%!
Video #4
How to move to your Full Potential!

What people are saying:


Hello Dr Jim, I have seen your videos. These were just wow and helped me to know something new. Thank you.


The premise of moving from “doing” to “being” is intriguing and the information in the first session has gotten me interested in learning more.


Dr. Jim, Thank you for sharing your video #1. I am looking forward to watching the other three when they become available. I am intrigued by the concept of Be vs. Do. I have tried to become more present and self aware over the last year, but as you know, it is a process. Your video gives me hope that I can continue to improve with instruction. Your video was very easy to follow, and as I am a visual learner, I really appreciated the graphics. They made your words come to life as they unfolded. You have a very soothing voice that is easy to listen to in both timber and cadence. As I said, I am anxiously awaiting the next videos. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.


Hi Jim, The video looks great. I generally find a lack of good materials for leaders.

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